Yup, I ended up buying this book "Psychedelic Graphics", haha... I'm thinking of enrolling in Nafa come 2011, not sure if that's a wise decision though. Have always enjoyed drawing but have not drawn for a long time, think since secondary school days. Always thought I should just be like other average Singaporeans. Go JC, get a degree and end up with an office job, but have "failed", as my career so far has been a whop. My self-esteem has taken a blow and now I'm seriously considering starting all over again by trying out in my childhood passion.
I always think if I had been successful in my career which is in the financial line, will I entertain such thoughts? Because then i will be busy working, earning money, setting up my own family, getting loans for a car and housing. And busy getting myself out of the rat race.
Or perhaps all these "failures" so far were due to the fact that, at the root of it, I wasn't doing something that I enjoy?

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