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OMG! This must be one of the best blogs I discovered this year, it has amazing pictures from old children stories, magazines and well, basically pictures that I dream about, think I will be spending lots of time reading A Journey Round My Skull. (& the blog name is one of the cool ones too!)

maybe u r feeling bitter about life, 不要再转牛角尖了。。。(got to know Nic Vujicic fr SG gal)


just for fun! hav a great weekend!



无可耐何,昨天(it's 1.23am now ma)起的一大早,唯一的安慰是我终于吃到好久都没机会吃的Mc-doll-ne breakfast. Why do they only show the prices for meal nowadays? They do that in BK too. Totally irritating! Only when you ask them, will they show you or tell you the prices for ala carte order.
Because I'm in a lazy mood so their marketing technique worked and I conveniently ordered one hotcake meal plus a sauage muffin with egg. 太久没吃就是这样. That should last me for many, many more months before I eat their breakfast again, because somehow it just taste not that nice coz the hotcakes gave out an awful smell. Although of coz they taste normal lah and I finished them.
Truth is that it has been a long time since I wake up so early and I was quite taken aback by how busy the roads were, so many people in their routine. Busy bees.



On the streets in one of the older estates in central Spore, this is haven for cats & cat lovers. Wish i'm staying there...


drawings by Drewscape fr Urban Sketchers Singapore
You can never get enough of the beautiful sketches of Singapore on Urban Sketchers Singapore. But what caught on eye today is the date "chop" on the drawings. Esp the first drawing, looks like a photo with the date "chop" on the right corner. Haha... just found it very interesting. Plus, of course the drawings of the home appliances bought, love it!!
Paintings by Sieglinde Battley

Love the colours, animals and strokes of Sieglinde Battley. There's also an interview of her in daily imprint.

sciz2 by fenrir (one of my fav artist in DeviantArt)

This picture reminds me of the ongoing YOG which if you don't know what it means is Youth Olympic Games. Ya hate the short form haha but it has become a part of life here, IPPT, RT, PAP.




photos via 不务正业

Been wanting to add 不务正业 to my blogroll, firstly becoz it has the same name as my blog (I swear I didn't copy this blog name when I came up with mine). Secondly, it has some amazing photos. Every photos seem to tell a story of its own, leaving you wanting to find out more.
It's only recently that I realise how important it is for a image to tell a story. Stupid as it may seem but it's just too natural, you see. The moment we set eyes on an image, our brain immediately paints a mental story for us. It's so instinctive, so automatic that I don't even realize it's presence and importance. Which reminds me of the drama module I took back in uni days, something about audiences viewing a performance and coming up with their own interpretations. Wonder how that drama teacher is doing? I still remember the first time he/she came in to lecture, I thought he is a she, all the way till he introduced himself. Well, alot of times the picture painted instinctively by our minds maybe right but that's also where the problem lies at times, becoz we start to stereotype, isn't it? Choosing to depend on the familiarities form in our mind instead of taking the time to see and hear the little details presented to us.

Can't time run faster? If only January is here... oh and here's a cat picture I came across in yuiMADE, when can I have my own feline companion *sign


my latest idol, enjoy...


Borrowed "Bangkok Panorama" which was full of colourful photos of everyday lives in Bangkok. Tried my hands at drawing one of the photos but his white clothing end up pretty dirty in my drawing haha and the drawing of the guy with the specs end up reminding me of one of the characters in Tintin.


哈哈!I think i will just settle for this title, 蛮好笑的 and 好听(u noe the song, so retro) 不务正业是我的心声,只怪你不懂我的心。。。


I've been trying to think of a nice title for my blog but still can't think of any. Some blog names I envy: a slowboat to mediocrity (one of my fav blogs recently too!! beautiful visual there:), Happiness is a warm gun. (think both authors are pretty busy recently, but quality beats quantity ba) there's another blog name i also like something like dance of cigarettes or something like that, cant rem exactly but i rem it has a very nice name of and nice photos and the blog is in polish or some foreign lang, too bad i lost it's link :(
wish i have a cat, but since i can't i've been drawing them recently
old water colour pencils from my childhood days, used to dislike them as i always thought watercolour is messy. But fell in love with them recently
drew this tree & realise after in fact such trees are pretty common in Singapore

the weekend is here again... wish you have a great one... enjoy


hate the leopard print but like the both of them :D
she's adorable!! x10000000000000000000000000000000000000
all she needs is a nicer haircut and wardrobe. But she is still so ADORABLE!!
The Selby

wish I had a cool joint like that of my own... daydreams...:)