photos via 不务正业

Been wanting to add 不务正业 to my blogroll, firstly becoz it has the same name as my blog (I swear I didn't copy this blog name when I came up with mine). Secondly, it has some amazing photos. Every photos seem to tell a story of its own, leaving you wanting to find out more.
It's only recently that I realise how important it is for a image to tell a story. Stupid as it may seem but it's just too natural, you see. The moment we set eyes on an image, our brain immediately paints a mental story for us. It's so instinctive, so automatic that I don't even realize it's presence and importance. Which reminds me of the drama module I took back in uni days, something about audiences viewing a performance and coming up with their own interpretations. Wonder how that drama teacher is doing? I still remember the first time he/she came in to lecture, I thought he is a she, all the way till he introduced himself. Well, alot of times the picture painted instinctively by our minds maybe right but that's also where the problem lies at times, becoz we start to stereotype, isn't it? Choosing to depend on the familiarities form in our mind instead of taking the time to see and hear the little details presented to us.

Can't time run faster? If only January is here... oh and here's a cat picture I came across in yuiMADE, when can I have my own feline companion *sign


  1. Anonymous23/8/10 17:15

    Thanks for the link. It was a nice surprise to see a blog with the same name and a cat on the header banner. I like cats! Will keep an eye on your blog.

  2. Welcome, the pleasure is my mine coz those photos u post on ur blog are inspiring, always give me the urge to go out & shoot, afterwhich I realize even more just how much skills it takes to shoot like that haha. Hi-5 cat lover! Haha... Thx for gracing my blog:)