Thinking of buying one of these collectible toys, saw them at Otaku shop at Iluma. Are these considered art? Some of them do look very appealing, aesthetically.
Surf the net today and came across some sites which were very interesting, have included them in my blogroll. For layman like myself, Art is a very chim but yet interesting thing. On the one hand, it always seem to be high, high up there on it's own pedestal, so deep and uncomprehenable. On the other hand, it's kind of due to that I want to find out more about it. Especially those that I find very appealing to my sight. Yeah, men are visual being ma, cannot blame me ma.

I like the feeling of rural vs urban, kopitiam vs cafe, I guess most people also? Hence, there is the phase, arty farty. haha... don't quite seem to makes sense. Another thing I realised is the importance of language in art. Being able to express one verbally being equally as important in being able to to express oneself in their works.


Yup, I ended up buying this book "Psychedelic Graphics", haha... I'm thinking of enrolling in Nafa come 2011, not sure if that's a wise decision though. Have always enjoyed drawing but have not drawn for a long time, think since secondary school days. Always thought I should just be like other average Singaporeans. Go JC, get a degree and end up with an office job, but have "failed", as my career so far has been a whop. My self-esteem has taken a blow and now I'm seriously considering starting all over again by trying out in my childhood passion.
I always think if I had been successful in my career which is in the financial line, will I entertain such thoughts? Because then i will be busy working, earning money, setting up my own family, getting loans for a car and housing. And busy getting myself out of the rat race.
Or perhaps all these "failures" so far were due to the fact that, at the root of it, I wasn't doing something that I enjoy?

florence manlik (just realize how impt the white spaces are in these drawings)

Recently, I had the urge to look for paintings, drawings that look nice. So, logically the thing to do was to look around for art exhibitions to attend. And of course the first avenue, and the easiest was to access the net through my Iphone. Discovered that the net is full of such information, though majority of them reflected exhibitions that were long over.

Anyway, it also set me off on a hunt to look for artwork that I like. Which led me to chance upon this artist in a book in Popular. Haha... didn't realise there are so many beautiful and exciting artworks to discover in a bookshop. This is one of the artist featured in "Psychedelic Graphics" ( a book which I eventually fell to temption and bought).

Did a search on the net and wah lah! Her amazing works... I think this should be graphic art right? Drawn on computer using programmes? Anyway, I think it's amazing and really attractted me. Can't imagine if the above works were done in pens or pencil, WOAH! anyway, will really like to find out the whole art process that went to creating this, so will surf the net more to see if I can find out.