Surf the net today and came across some sites which were very interesting, have included them in my blogroll. For layman like myself, Art is a very chim but yet interesting thing. On the one hand, it always seem to be high, high up there on it's own pedestal, so deep and uncomprehenable. On the other hand, it's kind of due to that I want to find out more about it. Especially those that I find very appealing to my sight. Yeah, men are visual being ma, cannot blame me ma.

I like the feeling of rural vs urban, kopitiam vs cafe, I guess most people also? Hence, there is the phase, arty farty. haha... don't quite seem to makes sense. Another thing I realised is the importance of language in art. Being able to express one verbally being equally as important in being able to to express oneself in their works.

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