“Sometimes the hardest part isn't letting go but rather learning to start over.” 
 Nicole Sobon


struggling to even think, somehow the inner demon is so strong, so terrible, escaping is yet the same nightmare, can't form sentences, sequence, logic, escaping, all the lights seem to vanish, yet the beacon will be back, very soon, tomorrow perhaps...


good to be alive


Art Anticipation - 04/11

Chihiro Kabata: fear/flight/fleeting - ink, line, paper, basic yet intriguing
R.I.T.E.S #02-2011 - open your mind, open ur eye

looking forward to seeing these 2 exhibition/show come April! Will add on more should i come across any more exhibitions/shows opening in April. There also seem to be a few movies that seem to be interesting that are opening soon. A little more stuff to while away my boring little life.


Some random picts of Biennale 2011

if a house can talk, what stories will it tell of the people living in it?


I'm looking forward to see how the future generation of Singaporeans will view arts. Becoz it's pretty encouraging to see that most of the people visiting museums, art events are young people. It's surprising becoz only when I spoke to a older uncle recently did I realize that. The more I try to understand contemporary arts, the more confused I get. On the one hand, I feel that they can be viewed very meaningfully but they can be totally trashy too. Just like the feeling I get when I am reading Jack Kerouac's "On the road". Oops... Hope I don't get beaten up by the beat generation fans. I wonder why Dean is Sal's good friend? Or is that even the appropriate way to term their relationship. Somehow, the images on the blog "Ghost in the Snow" reminds me of scenes/characters from "On". Hmm... And somehow, "Ghost in the Snow" has this eerie addiction on my palette.


Paper on paper - on trying to look sophisticated. This shall be my new theme this rainy Sunday which will commerce once the house is empty. (the above is the result which kinda remind me of a decapitated lamb's head, which in fact is a crushed tissue paper sitting on a kitchen floor)