florence manlik (just realize how impt the white spaces are in these drawings)

Recently, I had the urge to look for paintings, drawings that look nice. So, logically the thing to do was to look around for art exhibitions to attend. And of course the first avenue, and the easiest was to access the net through my Iphone. Discovered that the net is full of such information, though majority of them reflected exhibitions that were long over.

Anyway, it also set me off on a hunt to look for artwork that I like. Which led me to chance upon this artist in a book in Popular. Haha... didn't realise there are so many beautiful and exciting artworks to discover in a bookshop. This is one of the artist featured in "Psychedelic Graphics" ( a book which I eventually fell to temption and bought).

Did a search on the net and wah lah! Her amazing works... I think this should be graphic art right? Drawn on computer using programmes? Anyway, I think it's amazing and really attractted me. Can't imagine if the above works were done in pens or pencil, WOAH! anyway, will really like to find out the whole art process that went to creating this, so will surf the net more to see if I can find out.

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