I'm looking forward to see how the future generation of Singaporeans will view arts. Becoz it's pretty encouraging to see that most of the people visiting museums, art events are young people. It's surprising becoz only when I spoke to a older uncle recently did I realize that. The more I try to understand contemporary arts, the more confused I get. On the one hand, I feel that they can be viewed very meaningfully but they can be totally trashy too. Just like the feeling I get when I am reading Jack Kerouac's "On the road". Oops... Hope I don't get beaten up by the beat generation fans. I wonder why Dean is Sal's good friend? Or is that even the appropriate way to term their relationship. Somehow, the images on the blog "Ghost in the Snow" reminds me of scenes/characters from "On". Hmm... And somehow, "Ghost in the Snow" has this eerie addiction on my palette.

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