Bought 2 boxes of "Superclay" from a oldies bookshop in the west today. Didn't realize it's really so tough to nian something out of it. My cd player is working again(big grin), any recommendations on a cd that one must definitely own? One of the reasons why I don't like to buy books is becoz its an expensive hobby & I really prefer just reading than owning books coz somehow it reminds me of guys buying their toys or women buying their handbags. I wonder when my desktop will stop protesting & work normally so I can upload some pictures here. I finally drew something today too, something I have been wanting to do but just couldn't get myself to do. Just like my last relationship which I should have ended much earlier but just couldn't do it. Have you been not wanting to sleep very often lately? When your eyes have thatspicy, tired feeling but you just refuse to let them rest. Why? Does it matter? Well, none of your business, right?

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