kitty's sky fr when skies are grey 
With the rain and overcast sky, my plans to get fit and exercise on a Sunday morning is cancelled. Haha... 老天给我的最好借口. But going back to bed is too wasteful so I ended up surfing the net and happen to scroll through my bookmark. Realise that time really flies, as some of the blogs I used to frequent were now talking about their wives, their children and had labels like parenting, a reminder that my 小肚腩 is a matter of age and my skin's fruitless resistance to gravity (another excuse for my love of food). While some blogs have last entries dated back 2008 and others simply vanished. 

Reading those blogs that are still "in business" gives me a warm feeling, like getting to see a friend again, seeing how their lives have changed. The nice kitty photo above is from one of my favourite blog when skies are grey, it has some of the most awesome clay figurines, which I always find glossy attractive, in a good way of course. Hoping that you have a lazy cloudy enjoyable Sunday!

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