Feeling Shag but Good

^Salmon & spinach Quiche fr snowman wakes before dawn (i think i'm damn shua-ku, coz i hav no idea what a Quiche is but it looks yummy in the pic & the morning exercise makes me so very hungry! oh & another blog wif a cute name! if only there are snowman in Spore...)

Today I finally accomplished a amazing feat! Although my body refused to get out of bed but I successfully dragged myself out of the house and went for a morning exercise. By the time I was half way into my run, I was feeling damn shag but this uncle who was running just a few paces behind me kept coughing and chasing me making me even more determined to press on. By the time I finished running, all my fatigue was gone and I was damn high! Must be this natural "en-dolphin" (no idea how to spell) thing, coz I was feeling damn invincible haha! Must run more so I can constantly get this high feeling haha!!

I suddenly felt that life is just that, doing your best and feeling happy at the end of it. Regardless of results, most importantly is that you have tried your best and you did what you want to do. No need to hinder yourself from thinkning how others may look at you, giving yourself excuses and pressure when in fact YOU, yourself is the only obstacle in your own path.

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