I'm just absolutely drawn by this photo, the jeans, the belt, converse and oh the specs... it's a chic world always at the sartorialist.

Armed with a Filet-O-fish burger and a bottle of chocolate milk, but Garfield (this cute Garfield look-alike cat) failed to make his( I think it's a he) round at NUS. Disappointing.

Becoz of Garfield, I got to know that HDB owners are not allowed to have cats in their homes. It totally doesn't make sense to me as certain dogs are allowed in HDB. Obviously, whoever came up with the ruling either doesn't like cats or don't care to find out more about cats. Now I understand why I see some aunties feeding cats at void decks. Hmm... wait, but I remember one f my friends stays in HDB but he has 2 cats. So you see as long as you take good care of your cats and have non-kapok neighbours, it's still okay to have cats in your HDB? Or is he not staying in flats? Maybe he stays in a condo? Then how come condo owners can have cats but not HDB owners? Really don't makes sense. Or am I wrong?

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