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Did you manage to catch the Night Festival at Bras Basah area? It's in its third year but this is the first time I manage to attend it. I think the whole concept of it is great as it gets people queueing to view otherwise empty exhibits. Plus of course overseas shows are also brought in. Of course, the most anticipated show must be Paraboles 2.0 by Compagnie Off (France) and Victric Thng (Singapore). Though the crowd watching it at first was huge but quite a number of people left half way into the show. For me, I actually waited to see this show and when the 6 dishes outside Singapore museum started moving and the carnival music from the other show ended, I was so excited.

Ended up it was quite an anti climax, the build up of the atmosphere, the eerily music, moving eyeballs and the whole spectacle was good and it successfully created more question marks in my head than the drama "Lost". And the explosion at the end really woke me up, I guess that is what they mean by ending with a bang.

But all is to be expected as it is an art event and without such puzzling and chim performance, how can it be considered an art event? If there are no controversies then that's worse.

Overall, I think it was a successful event, whatever happy, new or gay world. It has live up to being a night festival and people enjoyed a great weekend night's out!

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